Bantu Hope Ministries started a new chapter in the D. R. of Congo in 2012 from the city of Bakavu, South Kivu.   

Our goal is to share intentionally the gospel of God’s mercy to the wounded people of DR Congo starting in Bukavu. The Strategic plan to reach Bukavu is called “Bukavu Outreach project.” This project voted by the South Kivu field and accepted by the North East Congo Union Mission is part of Big Cities outreach program developed by the worldwide Church. South Kivu currently has a population of 1,000,000 and had only 400 Seventh Day Adventist believers regrouped into three churches until August 2012. Our goal is to establish 10 Churches in Bukavu by the December 2014. Share Him conducted an evangelistic Campain from July 20th to August 4th and baptised 328 people. since then, Bantu Hope Ministries took over and ten sites have been transformed in church groups where people are worshiping But what is exciting is that at least every Sabbath there baptis in these sites through Bantu Hope Ministries. God feels the suffering of His children and He desires each of their hearts, so they can live forever in perfect peace and abundance with Him. Bantu Hope Ministries follows Christ's call to continue reachign the persecuted and vulnerable in the D. R. of Congo after more than a decade of war because He is coming very soon!

If the Holy Spirit is Encouraging you to do something, take ation now!


Pastor OngasaPastor Ongasa Thomas (picture to the left): SDA South Kivu Field President and Bantu Hope Ministries Regional Director in D. R. of Congo

Pastor Ongasa Thomas has  Master Degree in Leadership from Adventist University of Africa, Nairobi Kenya. He was born in the Oriental Province, in Dungu, in the D. R. of Congo, and is married and father of one daughter.

Ministerial Experience: 

      • 2000-2002: Assist Dean of men, Adventist University of Lukanga, D R Congo

      • 2002-2004: District leader, Isiro, Upper Congo Field, D R Congo

      • 2004-2006: Mission Director, Isiro Mission, DR Congo

      • 2006-2009: Stewardship Director and ministerial Secretary, Upper Congo Field, DR Congo

      • 2009 to date: South Kivu Field President.